At Ritz & Associates, we have a wide range of clients. We are confident in our ability to service any industry, as the tax issues generally remain the same. Here is a sample of industries we serve:

High Net Worth

High Net-Worth Individuals

We work directly with many of the Twin Cities’ large firm executives to deliver year-round tax compliance and tax planning.

We have extensive experience working with a variety of compensation structures and the complex tax planning associated with various forms of cash and equity compensation.

We take pride in taking the tax planning and various issues that arise during the year off our clients’ minds and offer holistic solutions.

Our clients trust us to have their tax information sent directly to us as well as work directly with financial planners in order to free up personal time for other matters.

We have worked with the state of Minnesota and successfully negotiated multiple favorable outcomes for various residency and income allocation issues.



Our individual clients span North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.  Tax rules surrounding foreign earned income are complex and require tax professionals with expertise in this area.  Our team has extensive background in working with clients subject to different foreign tax jurisdictions, United Nations employees, or have chosen to retire abroad.

Some larger corporations handle their employee taxes while aboard, but there are often lingering tax benefits that can be taken advantage of even after the foreign assignment is complete and the corporation is no longer assisting with tax preparation.

United States income tax and foreign bank account reporting filing requirements continue while abroad, even if no income is earned in the United States.

commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate

We have in-depth experience with the Twin Cities commercial real estate industry.

We do outsourced accounting, monthly compilations, annual compilations, tax return preparation, 1099 preparation, etc. for large and small real estate owners.

We work directly with client’s financial institutions and equity partners in order to free up unnecessary coordination time from our clients.

We deal with commercial real estate issues daily and thus carry a deep understanding of the industry.

Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate

Many of our clients own investment properties either directly or thru flow-thru entities.

We assist with the preparation and planning of the proper tax forms.

We are well versed in identifying and maximizing deductions that are associated with owning rental properties.

dental and veterinarian offices

Dental & Veterinarian Offices

Multiple clients with dental and veterinarian offices.



We work with clients with large equipment spending to determine the optimal utilization of tax laws to obtain the most tax savings and cash flow associated with their purchases.

We determine the maximum allowable qualified business income deduction and facilitate the business decision of pursuing research and development credits.